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Elite Muscle Mechanics, LLC

Your Home For Healthy Muscles And Joints

Your Path

It looks like this:

Step 1: Consultation

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your health considerations?
  • What have you tried that hasn't worked for you

Step 2: Assessment

  • What is your posture?

  • What muscle weaknesses do you have?
  • Where are you tight?

Step 3: Planning

  • How long will this take?

  • How often do I have to come?
  • What will I do on my own

Step 4: Muscle Activation TechniquesTM

  • Decrease tight and painful areas

  • Improve mobility and stability
  • Decrease muscle imbalances

Step 5: ISOPHITness

  • The safest way to start exercising

  • Reinforce Muscle ActivationTM
  • Improve strength and endurance

Step 6: Joint & Muscle Healthy Movement

  • Engineered Movement to minimize stress on Joints

  • Save cartilage, ligaments and tendons from injury
  • Train your body to move with strength, endurance and power

Step 7: Now where do you want to go?

  •  Maintenance?

  • Set new goals?
  • Branch off into new kinds of exercise?