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Elite Muscle Mechanics, LLC

Your Home For Healthy Muscles And Joints

About Us

Joshua Lewbel Owner - Muscular Specialist

I have spent my lifetime learning and searching for the best ways to improve how the body functions. This started when I was 12 years old and wanted to be able to shoot a basketball from farther out and jump higher. I've been using my education to try and help others since 2000. I've worked as a personal trainer, fitness director, strength and conditioning specialist and educator but I found my passion as a Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.) Specialist.

My own injuries plagues my high school and collegiate athletic careers led me to seek out specialists from chiropractic, massages and physical therapy. But, the results I received after working with an M.A.T. Specialist in 2004 were above and beyond anything I had experienced. My passion as an M.A.T. Specialist comes from the knowledge I have received from that program and the results I have been able to achieve using it. It is my mission to bring M.A.T. to as many people as possible so they can continue to enjoy their favorite activities.

Certifications and Experience

* M.A.T. Jumpstart and Hub Instructor

* M.A.T. Rx Full Body Specialist

* M.A.T. Rx Foot, Hand and Wrist Specialist

* M.A.T. Master Certified Specialist

* M.A.T. Certified Specialist 2006

* Practicing M.A.T. since 2005

* Active in the Fitness Industry since 2000

* M.S. Health and Fitness Management

* B.S. Movement Science

* Taught Courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology

* Founded Elite Muscle Mechanics in 2009

* NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 2003

* NASM Certified Personal Trainer 2000

* USAW Club Coach - Lapsed

* 4 Years Varsity Track and Field Westfield State College

* Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Program - Currently Enrolled

Luanne Montella Personal Trainer - Muscular Specialist

At age 12 I had my first introduction to human movement and body mechanics in the classical world of martial arts. As a high school athlete in track and field and basketball my passion grew and I became very fascinated at how the human body moves and how quickly it can compensate.

My career in the medical field as an EMT and Lab Technician for 25 years has given me a well rounded view of the human body and developed my ability to be very creative and diverse with my training styles. It has given me an appreciation for the individuality necessary for training people so with a wide range of medical conditions.

My greatest passion comes from teaching and instructing others in proper exercise mechanics and healthy lifestyle choices. I believe that training should be progressive, enjoyable and should never hurt!

Certifications and Experience

* M.A.T. Certified Specialist - 2018

* M.A.T. Trainer -2017

* M.A.T. Jumpstart - 2016

* Resistance Training Specialist - 2015

* Biomechanics Specialist - NESTA 2015

* Certified Personal Trainer - NESTA 2011

* Personal Training since 2009

* Certificate in Massage Therapy - 2002

* CPR/AED Certified