Elite Muscle Mechanics, LLC 

Strength and Mobility for Life

Muscle Activation Techniques 

We are proud to be the 1st and only facility in Hartford County to offer this revolutionary, life-changing service.  "As a professional in the health and fitness industry since 2000, I've never experienced a modality that could so quickly and drastically change the quality of peoples lives.  The changes in range of motion, strength and well-being we see on a daily basis are extremely rewarding."

Josh Lewbel - Owner Elite Muscle Mechanics.  

Our mission is to provide a means for our clients to get back to the activities they love.  We strongly feel that providing Muscle Activation Techniques in conjunction with a proper exercise program is the safest and quickest way to helping people achieve their goals.

To learn more about Muscle Activation Techniques please visit http://www.muscleactivation.com and click on the link below to watch a video from it's develop Greg Roskopf.